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I am very pleased with all products so far. I use the retinol serum, c-serum, oil cleanser, renewing moisturizer, and the charcoal mask. They all have really hydrated my skin and make it feel renewed and refreshed and oh so soft. It’s been a very dry cold winter so the extra hydration has been very welcoming. 😊 Still battling hormonal acne breakouts but definitely has helped heal the breakouts faster I think. Overall, love them and Kaila has been so helpful and amazing!!! 💞

Talk about moisture

First off the shipping was unbelievably quick.. The Renewing Moisturizer is the most luxurious, moisturizing product I have EVER put on my face. I've struggled with dry skin most of my life and this has solved those issues. So thankful for the product and customer support!

Moisturizer is so great!

This moisturizer is the best! I have dry acne prone skin and it’s helped so much. Highly recommend!


I’m addicted to that regenerating night cream it’s amazing.

Killed it!!!

Omg I LOVE it!! I feel like it’s making the texture of my skin feel/look so much better already. I love the consistency and it absorbs really quick and I’m obsessed. You killed it!

Can’t get over it

A lot of stuff I have used left my skin feeling dry after and your oil cleanser leaves it’s so soft and moisturized! Like, I can’t get over how amazing it is!

C Serum
Oh my goodness…

Oh my goodness…Your products are amazing. I can’t believe how awesome my skin looks and feels!!! Thank u!


The Renewing moisturizer is amazing, it is hydrating on my super dry skin and the smell is light and I love it!

Love it

I'm loving the HA serum, feels good on skin and goes on smooth.

Goodbye La Mer

I am giving up my La Mer for this Renewing Moisturizer.

Charcoal goodness

I get a compliment on my skin after every time I use the charcoal mask!

Changed my life

Skin Magician retinol changed my life. Not my skin, my life. It gave me hope for makeup free days, and not just because my skin needed a break from the makeup I was using to cover up the zits and scars - but because it truly finally looked good enough to go makeup free.

HA Serum
Firm and Glowing!

The HA serum is hands down my favorite skincare product! I refuse to be without it. It hydrates my skin perfectly, leaving me feeling firm and glowy. It’s light and doesn’t dry sticky. For an extra bonus it smells absolutely amazing. I recommend this product to all my friends and clients looking to take their skin to the next level.