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HA Serum
Elizabeth McGown
Santa Fe, New Mexico

As a high desert dweller I love this stuff!! Not only are these moisturizers great and effective but they also smell wonderful.

The Toner
Natalie Riley

The Toner is nice and light and makes my scum feel clean and look more clear!

Clean Machine Cleansing Mousse

Hands down the best cleanser!

Love this face wash!

I love this face wash and it has transformed my skin! My super oily skin is no longer an issue and I actually look forward to my skin care routine now!

Hydration Nation Mask
Jennifer Ambrose
Amazing Products!!!

I was having some skin issues with breakouts and I reached out for advice. Kaila suggested the polish, hydration mask and renewing moisturizer. My skin started looking better in a few days. These products are amazing!!!! As is Kaila!!!!

Tinted Sunscreen

This is the nicest and prettiest sunscreen you’ll ever wear! I use this on the days I don’t want to wear makeup but still have just a touch of color. It’s the texture! Beautiful

Spot Eraser
Kala Everhart
Spot ERASER indeed

Took me a minute to get this into my routine but wow! I’ve been using it now about 3x a week and my skin is seriously smoother, brighter and clearer! No joke! The pigment that I do have hasn’t bothered me much and wasn’t ever severe but even that has started to clear up and even out. This is a GREAT product!! Another skin magician product I can’t live without!

Clean Machine

I have the oiliest face ever! I use this cleanser multiple times daily and have had the best luck with it. It keeps the oil productivity low and therefore helps reduce breakouts. Purchase all the Skin Magician products—they truly work!!

Life Changer

I absolutely love my Skin Magician products. I sincerely feel like they have changed my life!!! I only wish I had started using them a decade ago!!!!

Who knew SPF could be magical?

I didn't know the importance of SPF until my late 30's and have tried everything on the market. I love the SPF from Skin Magician - it's super lightweight and never greasy. My make up glides right over it and I feel like it is self care in a bottle. Super fan over here!

Gift Card
Gift Cards are the way to GO!

I recently bought a Skin Magician gift card for my sister's 21st birthday, and she LOVED it! She'll be using her gift card primarily toward a facial, and she is so excited to meet Kaila and experience her skin magic. A Skin Magician gift card makes the perfect thoughtful and exciting gift for any of your loved ones who care about having their skin be the best that it can be!

The perfect toner

Loving this toner, it’s gentle yet it helps my skin feel extra clean after cleansing it.I’ve noticed my skin is clearer and just feels fresh

Hydration Nation Mask
Kala Everhart
So beautiful

Took this home after a peel and I’ve been DYING to break into it the last week! Finally got to use it and it’s so so beautiful… texture and scent are amazing and made my skin feel so nice and hydrated! If you need a bit of the spa at home, this is your mask

HA Serum
Whitney Smith
Changed my skin

I have been using C serum along with HA Serum and I am so happy with the changes it has made to me skin. It seems like the fine lines have disappeared and I have a light soft feeling after using this combination.

Renewing Moisturizer
Leanna Torres
I love every product I have used!

I cant get enough!

The Polish
Tara Bogna
My favorite exfoliant!

This scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft & fresh, it is my FAVORITE!! I recommend to all my friends and I'll definitely be buying more!

Regenerating Night Cream

This is such a lovely moisturizer. It’s not too thick and not too thin, and smells so fresh with a hint of lavender.

Vitamin C Serum

This is a wonderful serum, one pump goes a long way. My skin looks smooth and not to mention the serum smells so fresh!

Gift Card
Jessica G D
Best facial!

This was my first time having a dermaplaing facial and I loved it! My skin was so smooth after. Kaila is so sweet and does a fantastic job!

The Polish
Christina Stevens

Will be purchasing again!


Love this cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling very clean and never dry.

C Serum
Heather B
Vitamin C serum & Toner ✨

Amazing Vitamin C serum and toner. My skin is glowing, it smells delicious and works wonders. Since I have been using this I have been wearing little to no makeup. Thank you for these products

The Toner
Andrea Vizzo
The Polish

The polish is my new favorite product!! Gentle but effective exfoliator and my skin was so soft afterwards.


Makes me glow!

My new go to cleanser!!

First off I love how this smells, so fresh and so clean! It is gentle yet effective cleaning my skin, i double cleanse and my skin feels clean without being stripped! It’s not overly drying either which my skin is totally loving! This is my new go to cleanser and seriously the best!