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Intense Radiance Serum
Desiree Manville
Sun screen with tint

It doesn’t smell weird!! The tint helps make my 69 year old skin kinda glow an hides my previous sun damage a bit! It’s a winner all around.

Purifying Charcoal Mask
Charcoal Mask The Best

Love love this mask❤️

Gift Card
Jara Simpson

Decided to treat myself to a Hydrafacial after a month and a half long of planning/doing events, wreaked havoc on my stress level and my pores :)). This was a nice little gift from me, to me (lol) and was a nice little chapter ender and a birthday gift.

Kaila's place is soooo open, very aesthetic and very relaxing. Came in and definitely smelled like a spa! I have had Hydrafacials in the past from OJV and another local spa and her place is just down-to-earth and very West Elm without feeling contrived.

Started off with the usual intake questions and appreciated that she was so personable!

Started the facial with cleansing, then she suggested dermaplaning, and then to the Hydrafacial. I usually feel like I needed more time (especially when I went to OJV), so really amazed that Kaila took time and multiple passes :') *insert happy emoji*

It ended with LED lights and it's usually circle disk thingies which I may or may have questioned if it actually did anything or how it covered the whole surface area of my face. Kaila pulls out a 180 led arch thing and I was just whaaaatt okuurrr light em up!

Definitely recommend her, and love that she does not push sales because it always gets awkward.

5/5 will be back!

Gift Card
Kathy Leffler
Birthday gift

I actually give my daughter in law a gift card every year for her birthday! She lives in Ventura and loves the Skin Magician. It’s a wonderful gift easy to give and she’s beyond happy!❤️

The Polish
Kylie Valencia
Amazing product! Need this again

After a couple days My pores shrunk and
Almost all my acne is completely gone. I’m so in love

C Serum
Katie Blandino
Another Winner!

Love this serum! So light and smells good. I’ve noticed a little more glow in my face after only using it for a week.

Spot Eraser
Kylie Valencia

Worth every dime, and I want to buy more

C Serum
Annette Carivau
Best skin products!

Love your skin products! I love the moisturizer and serum!

Nothing better…

I’ve ordered the nighttime exfoliating serum a few times and when I use it consistently I get so many compliments on my skin. I’m 40 with lots of sun damage and this stuff works to smooth fine lines and bring a beautiful glow to my skin! I love love love this product.

Best products!

I swear by these products and use them daily! The best!

C Serum
Evett Short
C Syrum

Best product every, I love the way it glides onto my skin and leaves a moist feeling.

Spot Eraser
Emily Ethier
Team toner

Love this toner. It’s gentle and subtle but you still feel clean and fresh after use.

Best Tinted Suncreen!!!

I am so happy with this product! It goes on smoothly and evenly, is lightweight yet provides a surprising amount of coverage. Definitely my new go-to!

The Toner
Sarah P
Made my skin so even!

Obsessed with the toner. My complexion has never been so even and bright. I’m a frequent tretinoin user, as well, and I don’t find that this toner dries me out on top of that. Will def repurchase.

The Eye Cream
Emily Ethier
Skin and soul goodness

Love love love love kaila and her products. Kaila is so hospitable and friendly getting a facial with her is not only good for the skin but good for the soul. I’ve been using her spot eraser and twice my husband has told me how good my skin is looking. I owe it all to kaila and her magic!

My favorite products!!

You can’t go wrong with Skin Magician products. My daily go to’s include the Squeaky Clean Foaming Cleanser, the Vitamin C serum and the HA serum. I also love the Smoothing Exfoliating Scrub a few times a week. The best!!


This hat has traveled down the street to Surfers point and around the world with me. It has been to Mexico on multiple occasions, Palm Springs, Miami, and the Bahamas. It has gone on SCUBA diving boats and speed boats alike getting whipped around by the wind and salt water and is still as beautiful as ever. If you are reading this review, just buy the hat!! You won’t regret it!!

Tinted sunscreen

The absolute best sunscreen…smells so good and give the perfect balance to my skin in the morning unlike every other sunscreen.

The Polish
Madelyn Valenzuela
My Go-To Skincare Products!

I cannot live without my Skin Magician Products! The facial cleanser removes ALL my makeup while leaving a fresh, luxurious hint-of-cucumber scent. I use the exfoliating scrub every other day to keep my pores small and my skin alive. And of course always finish off with the signature toner to keep my skin bright and ready! These are the best products I’ve ever used and my face is so happy to have them! Not to mention curated by the sweetest boss woman. Do yourself a favor and go see the Skin Magician. :)

My skins best friend

I love this product so much. It protects and corrects my face without heavy make up or oily products. Would recommend it to anyone 10/10

Squeaky Magic

Squeaky clean truly is magic, it has changed my skin for the better. The product also lasts forever. I replenished my supply assuming that the bottle had to be running out and it just keeps going! Incredible value.

Gift Card
Sandy Sipe
Best facial ever

I have had a fair range of facials but nothing even comes even close to my experience at Skin Magician. Not only is the space AMAZING (unless you prefer to be in a cramped closet in some salon) but Kaila’s is bar none the most expert skin magician ever. Ever walk away from an experience and wish all your loved ones could have the same experience?? That’s Skin Magician.

The Toner
Christine Ota
Trusted Products

I love Skin Magician products! I use this toner twice daily and it always leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh for whatever other Skin Magician products I follow up with!

Super Drench

This moisturizer is AMAZING… I use this as a daytime moisturizer and it’s perfect. PERFECT! It’s nice and rich but doesn’t make me too oily. It sits perfectly under my sunscreen and makeup.

Renewing Moisturizer
Annette Carivau
Best skin care products!

Love all your products!! I’m hooked!